Penny Tunnell
From Purpose to Profit


The company was founded in 2012 in Oxfordshire by me, Penny Tunnell, to fill a gap in the coaching and consulting field for smaller businesses. I kept hearing that what business owners and managers want is support from an expert which blends Strategic Thinking with Implementation.


I believe that Ideas and Action are equally important; one without the other will waste precious resources, energy and time, leading to frustration and loss of direction. That in turn impacts on morale, customers and business performance.


I come from a retail corporate background and conversations with suppliers, buyers, directors and colleagues on all sides of the supply chain encouraged me to see the breadth of my experience as something that could help others achieve their goals.


Through my work at board level, leading teams through periods of change, restructuring and growth, I have developed the analytical skills to define opportunity and issues and have the marketing nouse to create an action plan for competitive advantage.


I like to think I bring an intuitive wisdom to rooting out and solving problems, clearing the pathway to a clear purpose,  and boundless energy and passion in making good things happen.


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At PENNY TUNNELL, we work with executive board level directors and I have a great team of professionals and specialists with whom I work on projects for larger clients. Sometimes a business has a specialist need. Experts include Finance, Sales, Marketing, E-commerce, Corporate Law, Leadership, and HR to name a few.


If we can’t help in a particular case, we will say so, but our first class network ensures all our projects are of the highest quality and it means we can offer clients a ‘one-stop-shop’ for when they do not know where to go for help.

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