From Purpose to Profit

"Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least" Goethe

PENNY TUNNELL, the eponymously named business consultancy was set up to help businesses define their purpose and develop the strategy for competitive advantage. With information overload and simply too much to do in the day, successful business leaders develop the skills to focus on the few things which really matter.


The Goethe quotation applies to all areas of life, and at PENNY TUNNELL we cut through any confusion and lack of confidence in a business to develop a compelling purpose which inspires employees in their roles, builds customer loyalty and leads to sustainable growth.


We offer a FREE business audit. You complete a simple questionnaire and we will then talk to you about your company and outline ways in which you can make it more purposeful and profitable. Almost all introductions carry on working with us, but there is no obligation to do so. We also offer more detailed paid for audits on Brand & Marketing, Financial Awareness and Sales Efficiency. We love to hear from new businesses so do get in touch.

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    Penny Tunnell and her colleagues have worked for more than 25 years in the retail environment. The expertise available to our clients is very broad and includes every step of developing and growing a great brand. We help you define concepts and customers for both B2B and B2C, and support your growth ambition to trade profitably online and in ‘bricks & mortar’.

    We often start with a new retail or wholesale client by doing a Business and Market Review, which will include specific ‘quick wins’ and long term strategies. This gives a renewed focus and energy to the client and we are usually then asked to support implementation of the plans.


    The company was founded in 2012 by me, Penny Tunnell, to fill a gap in the coaching and consulting field for smaller businesses. I kept hearing that what business owners and managers want is support from an expert which blends Strategic Thinking with Implementation. We now work with companies of all sizes from start-ups to multi-nationals but our own purpose is always the same; to help as much with the HOW as with the WHY and the WHAT of a business plan. We roll up our sleeves, or call in experts from our pool of highly professional, trained, skilled technicians, service providers, and coaches.

    We are there to ensure what needs doing, gets done; what we deliver to our clients is both strategy and action for profitable growth.

    Create the best year ever for your business!
    Learn more about our popular business effectiveness courses run regularly in Oxford


    FOR: managers and business owners who want to set powerful goals to build on last year and to effect change or grow.


    OUTCOME: the tools and know-how to create clear, inspiring and achievable goals for your business and your team.

    A full day workshop

    £195 plus vat



    FOR: business owners and start-ups wanting to ‘get it right and sleep at night’, a clear 12 point plan to create a sound platform for your business.


    OUTCOME: a single page view of your business strategy and the key drivers which will underpin your growth and success.

    A half day workshop

    £95 plus vat



    FOR:  small businesses with big ambition; those who want higher sales revenue from good sales planning and even better sales skills.


    OUTCOME:  the tools to create a 12 month sales plan, the key skills to deliver it and an understanding of marketing basics.

    A full day workshop

    £195 plus vat



    FOR: managers and business owners seeking to understand brand strategy and to develop a successful, differentiated business.


    OUTCOME: a clear value proposition and a pragmatic plan for developing your brand to gain competitive advantage.

    A full day workshop

    £195 plus vat


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    Our Services

    We help in 3 main areas to move your business from purpose to profit
    Coaching & Consultancy

    We have the technical skills and coaching expertise to develop a programme tailored to the unique needs of your business. We focus on business performance and most of our clients work with us over a long period of time.

    Retail & Wholesale

    We have a core expertise in this industry, in bricks & mortar and E-commerce, and have helped our clients develop long term brand strategies to attract customers and navigate the day to day operational issues of sales, staffing, compliance, and sourcing.

    Training & Workshops

    Our bespoke workshops & training programmes cover a wide range of disciplines to build team skills and confidence, including Business Planning, Leadership & Management, Financial Understanding, and Sales & Marketing.


    Our Work

    Some of the clients we have helped to acheive their goals