Our Approach

Penny Tunnell
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Our unique approach creates business harmony.


Because our work is a blend of coaching, consulting and implementation, we are able to create a harmonious vision and growth plan which is tailored to the needs of the business with the right level of stretch; to be both inspiring and achievable.


I am often asked ‘What is the difference between a consultant and a coach?’ You could think of them as the hardware and software of business support.


Broadly speaking, a consultant brings specific business expertise and is very focused on business performance and operational goals. The relationship with the client is project based, and highly structured. A consultant will provide diagnostics and analysis on the business and recommend solutions. A consultant will often tell a business what they should do.


When we provide consultancy, we develop the growth strategy with our client, including the plan, methodologies and toolkit to turn vision into reality and hard work into profit.


A business coach will promote discovery and personal growth, helping a business owner or manager overcome barriers or limiting beliefs. Some of these may be deep seated, or may be linked to new challenges requiring a new ‘toolkit’. The coach will encourage the client to play to his or her strengths, and to develop clarity of purpose. The coaching will generally be one to one, and will cover several months, if not years.


When we provide coaching it is to help the client achieve personal and professional goals by building confidence, problem solving techniques and a clear, inspiring, values based plan.


Our unique approach, blending coaching, consulting and implementation, creates a harmonious plan for change and growth.


We recognise that whilst the problems that businesses face may be very similar, the business owners and directors are very different, so our service is tailor made to suit your particular needs. From a single firefighting day to long term director level support, we are with you each step of the way.


Our Leadership and team development recognises that all managers need to develop their unique style and play to their strengths in a way which fits the company culture, and will help deliver the business plan. The outcome of individual assessment and coaching is often that a team can become more supportive of each other whilst holding each other to account.

Your Vision & Goals


With a clear business plan, we then support clients in a unique way, working with the team through change and by filling any gaps in management expertise.


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