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Penny Tunnell
Strategy and action for profitable growth

Are you looking for business transformation to attract more customers?


Do you need increased capability to scale up?

Does your business feel stuck or stagnant?

Many business owners start out with a great idea and a great technical skill, but reach a point when they struggle to move to the next level of growth. They can feel overwhelmed, ‘married’ to the business, and lacking in the leadership skills to move forward. The hard work doesn’t seem to be dropping through to the profit line, and something has to change.


Even in a larger company, a sense that there isn’t a clearly articulated plan, or that it isn’t working can affect team resilience to change as well as morale and activity levels. An independent and fresh pair of eyes can help refocus the business vision and build renewed confidence.

Could the leadership go up a level?

At PENNY TUNNELL we have the technical skills and coaching expertise to develop a leadership and management programme tailored to the unique needs of the business.


We focus on business performance and most of our clients work with us over a long period of time and ask us to help them embed the business plans through leadership and management development and training. We also bring in highly specialised trainers and coaches in leadership to work on larger projects.


We sometimes start a new client relationship with a ‘Business Blitz’; immersion in the company for a short period, with a strategic report at the end giving a specific action plan with short and long term recommendations. This crystallises the goals and activity for the next 12 months and teams find it hugely energising.

Audit & Brainstorm
Get these business basics right for your plan to success



  • Clear vision, purpose and plan
  • Segmented sales growth plan
  • Re-freshed brand and optimised marketing
  • Clear and measured financials
  • Organisation structure
  • Leadership and training
  • Improved process and infrastructure
  • A profitable, sustainable business


  • Inspired, focused and energised
  • Aspirational, achievable targets
  • An enhanced brand loyalty
  • Confident and secure with clear goals
  • Clear roles and accountability
  • Great management development
  • Efficient, effective and enjoyable work
  • Being part of a successful team

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