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Leading with Purpose

A programme for leadership and management skills development



“To understand ‘why’ we do the things we do is really important as it set me
up with a deeper understanding of the choices my colleagues and I make”


“I am more confident in my own abilities and feel better placed to deliver
the company strategy and influence where it goes”


“The team is far more of a team and working far better together which is
great. I hope that it can withstand the current changes on the way”


“It was an amazing experience and I learnt a huge amount and grew
professionally more in 1 year than I have in 10 years”


“I am more confident with my role … more comfortable with my co-workers
and I truly believe that together we can grow stronger”


“Was a game changer”


“It was a pleasure and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part
of this amazing program, thank you Penny for your dedication and patience
with us”


“One last thing, I will miss Penny ́s whats app videos!”



Welcome. This brief outline will give you an idea of the kind of content, and format of a typical leadership and management skills development programme.


Any programme is tailored to your specific needs, and budget. This will include length, content, location, number and management level of participants etc.


The programme has been developed for both online and in person delivery.

Leading With Purpose

Why this programme title?


• To lead effectively, you must inspire and motivate others around a shared purpose


• There has been a shift of focus to leading with purpose at a global level post pandemic


• When personal and organisational purpose are aligned, there is greater business success and employee well-being


• Clear purpose makes all opportunities achievable and all challenges manageable


“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”

— Mark Twain

The Programme Goals

The Leading with Purpose Programme was first created for directors and senior managers in high growth businesses to help equip them with the confidence and capacity to lead their organisations and people with vision, intellect, stewardship and empathy.


• It recognises the particular challenges of leading & managing, strategy & tactics, the ambiguity and complexity of leadership post pandemic


• The programme has subsequently been delivered to middle managers and those newer to management


• Participants develop awareness, knowledge and skills around 4 interlinked ‘systems’, with the opportunity to set development goals and influence course content to meet organisational needs


Leading Self – Your own learning, awareness, personal growth and confidence


Leading Others – Your skills development and followership


Leading the Organisation – A leadership team achieving goals, together


Leading the Sector– Developing strategies around external impact & purpose

The Programme Director

• 10 years consulting to ambitious high growth businesses and has supported 100+ businesses during that time


• A growth expert on the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small businesses programme, run by Said Business School, Oxford


• Association of Coaching accredited executive coach


• Corporate career in retail, and then with owner-managed entrepreneurs


• Manager in larger corporates such as Boots, the National Trust and the Royal Mint


• Develops the over-arching programme, its purpose, content, and delivery


• Supports participants throughout to achieve their own and their organisation’s objectives

The Programme Structure

• The programme runs over 12 months with 10 distinct themes/modules, and with an earlier induction session. This is modified to meet your needs


• Each module will be a blend of taught theory, work-place practice, reflection and coaching; all designed to help embed learning


• Each module will include:

– A full day workshop (online or face to face)
– A task/homework relevant to the theme
– Some reading, before or after
– A written reflection, for private use
– A coaching session


• 8 x 1-2-1 coaching sessions are included in the programme in 2 blocks of
4 with qualified business coaches


• Team coaching sessions can be included if required


• There is usually no assessment of any of the work. It is for the individual to manage their own learning

Guiding Principles & Approach

• We believe that the leaders of the future will be leaders who create both a clear compelling vision and an inclusive coaching culture, and our programme content and tutor choices reflect this


• Our philosophy is to encourage the understanding of impact, personal and collective, and intentionally remember every stakeholder we serve


• Participants bring their whole selves to the programme and commit to supporting each others’ development as well as their own, in an atmosphere of open, honest learning that recognises the value of positive disagreement


• We seek to create, enable and support an environment of excellence; we work with a mindset of appreciative enquiry, positivity about what is possible, and a strengths based approach


• Participants learn that change is emergent and commit to being flexible, adaptable and open to how they evolve as leaders

Outcomes for the Organisation

• The desired outcomes are agreed in advance with the sponsors in the organisation and the participants themselves. These may be similar to those of a previous client


• A business fit for future, a sustainable ‘eco-system’


• The executive directors have moved from Why to What to How and are confident in all areas of execution of the plan


• Delegation to next level management team is effective


• Business performance management


• Cultural values interwoven through the business


• Development as leaders of the organisation, and brand, across various contexts, internal and external


• Evoking excellence throughout the organisation, building confidence, commitment and empowerment

Benefits to the Participants

This programme helps to rapidly build capability


• Confidence and capacity to transition from manager to leader at pace, and know when to manage/lead


• Lifetime skills to deal with change and uncertainty


• Relationship building and influencing skills


• Increased personal awareness, learning and growth


• Being part of an effective cohesive leadership team


• Executing plans and strategies in a holistic way


• Improved wellbeing, personal fulfilment and happiness in developing ourselves and our people


• Ability to apply practical effective business models

An Example Course – Ten Modules

Spread over 12 months with 2 breaks (usually August and December)


• Module 1 Leading with Purpose through Change


• Module 2 Leadership models and styles


• Module 3 Strengths and Appreciative Enquiry


• Module 4 Effective Communications


• Module 5 Diversity & Culture


• Module 6 Developing People


• Module 7 Leading for Results


• Module 8 Positive Conflict


• Module 9 Instilling Quality & Excellence


• Module 10 Leading for the future