Mar 10 2017


Wisdom and Mastery is the simple and compelling aim of a year-long programme I’ve just started for professional coaches, run by Ian Saunders and Ray Charlton of Alchemy of Coaching Ltd. I wanted CPD and accreditation which would connect with and nurture heart and soul, as well as provide beneficial stimulation for the intellect, which often feels ‘fried’ and quite frankly, plenty stimulated already, thank you.

We are asking ourselves what the Master of any craft does better than the Apprentice, and in executive coaching, what that might mean. A key concept explored is Integration. There is much talk in coaching about assisting clients to be the best they can be, but does being the best possible me in one area, mean necessarily neglecting others?

Ray and Ian have developed the SOCK-I diagram to help explore how we can bring an integrated approach to our coaching. With humility, self-awareness and real listening in the coaching self, we are able to explore difference and ‘otherness’ in the client relationship, without feeling the need to know the answers or steer the outcome.

Coming to coaching from a consulting background, I feel really comfortable integrating organisational context and the client’s goals with my own knowledge and ‘tool kit’ to stimulate actions and good business outcomes. The ongoing learning for me as a coach is the profound power of silence and ‘unknowing’ and how this enables real insight and the flowering of possibilities for the client.

As we listen to our own Wisdom, and commit ourselves to Mastery of our own craft, we will meet formidable teachers along the way whose own purpose and intent is to support our self-discovery. If you want to develop beyond the Apprentice stage in your craft, be sure you know who those teachers are for you

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